• Phone : 9586 584 251
  • Opening Time : 10am to 4:30pm
  • Address : Rankuva, Chikhli

Early Year

The Early Years Programme at Global International School exists to provide an exciting and inspiring educational environment for the children at the school,

The school day begins at 10:00am and ends at 2.00pm. The classes create a close teacher-student relationship and an environment for academic success.

The Early Years Programme is be composed of three combined multi–grade classes

1. Nursery (Ages 3-)

2. Jr. Kg. (Ages 3 year)

3. Sr. Kg. (Ages 4 Year)

Early childhood education consists number of activities in order to social development of Each student before they enter elementary school.

We start the day with Circle Time, during which students are encouraged to express themselves and listen to their Teacher.

The focus and circle time activity will vary from day to day and class to class, sometimes with topics that challenge and inspire, but each day seeking to self-development as well as sense of understanding of others

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